British Conservative links with Bahrain dictatorship

This video says about itself:

Human Rights Defender Maryam Alkhawaja Talks about Scandinavian Prisoners in Bahrain

12 November 2013

I filmed Maryam Alkhawaja being interviewed by Gothenburg Post newspaper last week, as part of Maryam’s participation in a talk done later by Amnesty International – Gothenburg office.

From Political Scrapbook in Britain:

£1,000-a-head Tory Bahrain lobbyist runs Parliament Bahrain group

12:04pm Thu July 3rd

With Bahrain lobbyist Lord Clanwilliam revealed as the sponsor of a £1,000-per-person table at last year’s Tory Summer Ball, guess whose company is acting as the “secretariat” of parliament’s Bahrain special interest group.

With the owner of Meade Hall & Associates and stooge MP Conor Burns eulogising the dictatorship’s so-called “democratic reforms”, little surprise that a competing all party parliamentary group (APPG) – Democracy in Bahrain — is necessary.

Bahrain lobbyist paid for table with UK Defence Secretary at Tory Party fundraiser, as defence ties deepen: here.

Britain: A LABOUR MP accused extravagant Tories of “living in a parallel universe” yesterday after it emerged that a bottle of champagne signed by Thatcher sold for an eye-watering £45,000 at the party’s summer fundraising shin-dig on Wednesday: here.

Member of UK Parliament and the Chairperson of human rights organisation Liberation, Jeremy Corbyn, has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) on the justice system in Bahrain: here.

Bahrain: In the early hours of 1 July 2014, Dr. Saeed Al-Samahiji was arrested from his home to serve a one-year prison sentence for “insulting the King.” The alleged insult had taken place at a funeral of a young protester on the 18 September 2013, who died as a result of excessive use of force by Bahraini authorities: here.

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