Victory for refugee Orashia Edwards

This video from England says about itself:

Judgement Day – Documentary – Orashia Edwards

30 June 2014

Following on from the documentary ‘State of Limbo’– here Orashia Edwards attends his ‘Judgement Day’ hearing at Leeds Crown Court.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Bisexual asylum seeker’s deportation dropped

Thursday 3rd July 2014

PLANS to deport a Leeds asylum seeker who is escaping persecution in his country for his sexuality were yesterday dropped by Home Office immigration officials.

Orashia Edwards was due to be deported to Jamaica after being refused asylum.

But following a legal challenge, a judicial review into the refusal is to be heard next week.

Immigration officials had planned to deport him before the review was heard, but have now abandoned this idea.

Mr Edwards fled from Jamaica after being persecuted for being bisexual.

He made his home in Leeds where he has family and has become an active campaigner with the city’s LGBT community.

Emily Jennings of Leeds No Borders said the decision to cancel Mr Edwards’ flight had been taken a week ago but he had not been informed by the Home Office.

“This is yet again an example of how awfully asylum seekers are treated by the Home Office,” she said.

So, a partial victory for Orashia Edwards. However, the fight for his rights is not over yet.

A JAMAICAN asylum-seeker in Leeds was detained by immigration officials yesterday and is set for deportation. Orashia Edwards, 32, is seeking asylum to escape persecution for his bisexuality in Jamaica and fears for his life if he is returned: here.

Welcome to South Williamsport, Pennsylvania — the only place in America, outside of the Inhofe family, where there are no gays in the village: here.

LEEDS asylum-seeker Orashia Edwards has been released after his fourth period in detention, writes Peter Lazenby. His friends condemned immigration authorities for putting him through a “horrendous ordeal”: here.

9 thoughts on “Victory for refugee Orashia Edwards

  1. This kind of thing upsets me, this young man’s life is at risk because of paper work. If they send him back he will likely be killed because of it. I pray his review goes well.

    However things like this make me feel so disturbed over the lack of compassion people have for their neighbor. When will straight Cisgendered people realize, these are our brothers? Our sisters, cousins, friends, teachers, doctors? Landlords. Our community? The LGBT is our family, but we go on being so horrible because people are not us.

    I hope this young man’s review goes well because he cannot live in Jamaica, LGBT there are struggling to stay alive. Cold world we live in. Smh.


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