Colombian paramilitaries’ murder survivor speaks in England

This video, in Spanish, recorded in Belgium, about Colombian trade unionist Aidee Moreno is called ENTREVISTA EN BRUSELAS-BELGICA- A LA DIRIGENTE NACIONAL DE FENSUAGRO AIDEE MORENO IBAGUE.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Colombian trade unionist tells of paramilitary terror

Wednesday 2nd July 2014

A COLOMBIAN trade union leader whose husband, mother and brother were murdered by right-wing paramilitaries rallied Unite members to support her comrades at home yesterday.

Aidee Moreno of the agricultural workers’ union — Colombia’s second largest — told stunned delegates how her niece has disappeared while the rest of her family have been forced from their land.

They are just some of the five million displaced people in Colombia.

Ms Moreno has refused to bow to the violence and was in Liverpool to raise support for her union’s human rights campaign.

A video recorded by jailed union leader Huber Ballesteros was also played, in which he described the overcrowded conditions as “terrible.”

Mr Ballesteros condemned the terror charges made against him as “farcical” and, wearing a Unite jacket, thanked delegates for their solidarity.

Led by Ms Moreno, they responded by raising Free Hugo Ballesteros posters above their head in solidarity with comrades in Colombia.

This video from Britain, in English with Spanish subtitles is called Free Huber Ballesteros – UNISON Conference 19.6.14. It says about itself:

UNISON Conference calling for the release of Huber Ballesteros, imprisoned leader of FENSUAGRO, Agricultural Workers union in Colombia. Find out more here.

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