Community Heart Award, thanks so much Horty!

Community Heart Award

Thank you ever so much, my dear friend Horty of the blog It Is What It Is, for nominating my blog for the Community Heart Award!

You deserve that award so much; and thanks again for kindly nominating Dear Kitty. Some blog!

Kev, the maker of this award, made no particular rules for it.

So I feel free to nominate these blogs for it (as usually, in no particular order):

1. Grant Us Peace

2. Voice of Lesbian Senior

3. Just Bliss

4. Tranquil Trails

5. Part Time Monster

6. Bird Feed

7. The Stilettos of FΓΊtbol

8. Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

9. The FireBird: A Phoenix’s Aria

10. twasallshewrote

11. Spoor

12. Just A Small Town Girl…

13. Let the great wheels spin

14. Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

15. una nada luminosa

16. wrongwithlife

17. johnpoetflanagan

18. The Happy Lifeaholic

19. McPUFF

20. Thoughts From The Road

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