Cash for peerages scandal in Britain again

This 2007 video from Britain is called Cash for Honours Poo Song; about the cash for peerages scandal during the Tony Blair government.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

‘Cash for honours’ probe reopened over Lib Dem peerages

Monday 30th june 2014

POLICE are to reopen an investigation into “cash for honours” after the Liberal Democrats’ three biggest donors received peerages.

The trio, who were nominated by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, handed over £600,000 — 40 per cent of all donations to the Liberal Democrats in 2012.

It was flagged up to the Metropolitan Police by Scottish National Party MP Angus MacNeil. The cash for honours file is understood to have been passed to Commander Graham McNulty in the Met’s specialist crimes and operations directorate.

Mr Clegg has in the past complained that the House of Lords is undemocratic and called for peers to be elected.

Top peer Lord Oakeshott, who recently quit the Lib Dems, said in his resignation statement that his “efforts to expose and end cash for peerages in all parties including our own … have failed.”

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