Costa Rican indigenous people museum

This video is called Costa Rica Central Valley, Time Lapse February 2012, Gary Hoover.

Costa Rica, 28 March 2014. After the mountains and their hummingbirds and other wildlife, we went down to the Central Valley.

At 13:47, in Cartago, a great-tailed grackle.

Then, we went to the capital, San José. A small museum about Costa Rican indigenous people is there.

This video is called Costa Rica Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.

As the video, about a different museum than the one we visited, shows, before the Spanish conquistadores arrived in Costa Rica in the sixteenth century, there were indigenous cultures; in which gold processing played a role.

That gold attracted Spanish invaders. Their violence and diseases they brought with them soon killed most indigenous people.

Today, there are about 100,000 American Indian Costa Ricans.

This video says about itself:

Senior Project: Representations of Indigenous Connection to Land in Costa Rica

14 December 2010

My senior independent project for Global College, LIU.

This is an artistic, visual anthropology representation of indigenous connection to land based on photography and interviews during 6 homestays with Brunka, Terraba, Ngobe, Huetar, Chorotega, and Bribri communities in Costa Rica.

Some indigenous Costa Ricans make art to sell to souvenir shops. However, somewhat like with Australian aboriginal artists, the souvenir shops often don’t pay the American Indian artists fairly.

The shop of the San José museum was established to help correct this. It sells, eg, small sculptures of toucans and other animals.

A problem for Costa Rican indigenous people is oil corporations trying to drive them off their land, museum people told us.

Another threat is invasion by the United States military; supposedly for ‘humanitarian’ purposes (well, United States wars, like in Iraq where over a million civilians died, are officially ‘humanitarian‘ as well).

USAID in Costa Rica: here.

We continued to Santo Domingo de Heredia.

Stay tuned for more Costa Rica blog posts!

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