Not another US war on Iraq

This video from the USA in 2013 is called NO WAR ON SYRIA! Iraq war vet speaks at rally.

Today, from Barbara Lee, Member of Congress in the USA:

Dear Friend,

It’s hard to believe that right now, our country is asking the same question we asked 11 years ago: Should we invade Iraq?

My answer is the same now as it was then: NO.

The people clamoring for a new war in Iraq are the same neocons who got us into the old war in Iraq, the one that cost trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives. We must not let it happen again.

The American people are overwhelmingly against a new conflict in Iraq, and Congress needs to use its power to make sure your voice is heard. Sign my petition at, and tell Congress to call a vote and vote NO on starting a Third Iraq War.

I will stand against an attack on Iraq, and I’ll lobby my colleagues to do the same.

Standing Strong,

Barbara Lee

Contradictions in US foreign policy: Bahrain vs. Iraq.

Are there any Iraq war critics around? It’s hard to tell, because the cable networks have not interviewed many of them.

Pax Christi USA official statement on the crisis in Iraq: here.

14 thoughts on “Not another US war on Iraq

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