Mormons excommunicate women’s rights campaigner

This video from the USA is called Mormon Women: KATE KELLY, ORDAIN WOMEN standing for truth they desire to receive.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Mormon church excommunicates women’s rights campaigner

Tuesday 24th June 2014

THE US Mormon church excommunicated Kate Kelly, the founder of a prominent church women’s pressure group, yesterday.

The rare measure brings down the harshest punishment available on Ms Kelly, whose only crime was creating an organisation and staging demonstrations calling for women to be allowed to join the priesthood.

Kelly’s former church leaders in Virginia notified her by email after holding a disciplinary hearing on Sunday.

They found her guilty of apostasy, defined as repeated and public advocacy of positions that oppose church teachings.

Ms Kelly’s group, Ordain Women, announced the decision and released excerpts from the letter she received.

After a year, they will consider allowing her back, but only if she displays “true repentance” and shows she has “stopped teachings and actions that undermine the church, its leaders and the doctrine of the priesthood.”

Ordain Women spokeswoman Debra Jenson said the group was saddened but will continue to fight on.

Mormon Church Hasn’t Budged on Gender Roles in 40 Years: here.

Mormons and money: An unorthodox and messy history of church finances: here.

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