Costa Rican mountain hummingbirds

Green violet-ear, 28 March 2014

Still 28 March 2014 in San Gerardo de Dota in Costa Rica. After the earlier birds of that day, hummingbirds: like this green violetear.

Green violet-ear flying, 28 March 2014

Nectar feeders and flowers attract hummingbirds; and a slaty flowerpiercer as well.

Volcano hummingbird female flying, 28 March 2014

The hummingbird species include volcano hummingbird.

Volcano hummingbird female on branch, 28 March 2014

Sometimes, a female volcano hummingbird rested on a branch.

Volcano hummingbird female on leaf, 28 March 2014

Or on a leaf.

White-throated mountaingems were present as well.

And a relatively big species: magnificent hummingbird.

Yellowish flycatcher, 28 March 2014

Another Central American cool mountain forest species: yellowish flycatcher.

At 10:20, a swallow-tailed kite flies overhead.

We have to leave, to the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

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