Chile will beat Dutch football team, toucan predicts

This Dutch video is about animals predicting results of soccer matches. During earlier championships; and for the present World Cup; including toucan Chicito.

The Chilean football team will beat the Netherlands at today’s match at the World Cup in Brazil, Dutch daily Metro (paper edition) of today says.

This is predicted by Chicito, the toco toucan of Rotterdam zoo.

The predictions by the bird of the two earlier matches: Netherlands vs. Spain and Netherlands vs. Australia, were correct.

Both times, Chicito predicted the Dutch team would win.

Chicito has the choice between two hands with a piece of fruit, his favourite food. Behind these hands are armbands with the national flags of the competing teams.

Before the two first matches, Chicito flew each time to the hand with the armband in the Dutch national colours.

However, this time he chose the hand with the Chilean colours.

3 thoughts on “Chile will beat Dutch football team, toucan predicts

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