Rupert Murdoch’s Sun scandals

This video from the USA is called Nick Davies on Democracy Now!: Murdoch Empire “Pummelled” By Phone Hacking Scandal, 1 of 2.

And this video is the sequel.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

The Sun – even more revolting than you ever thought

Monday 16th june 2014

Could the Sun’s latest publicity stunt be intended to distract from the paper’s disgraceful track record? No. That’d be cynical, says PETER FROST

The Sun is failing to give away 22 million free copies of a special edition. Disgustingly Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and even Nigel Farage are all helping to promote the sorry rag.

The Sun says it’s because England are competing in the World Cup in Brazil. In fact it’s because so many Sun and News International people are in court on various charges it needs desperate measures to save reputation, circulation and perhaps even the Sun itself.

So here are a few reasons not to read this disgraceful rag.

Rebekah Brooks and Cameron’s spin doctor Andy Coulson are charged with hacking 600 people’s phones including murdered teenager Milly Dowler.

Just when you thought your putrefying paper couldn’t sink any lower it linked a breast cancer awareness campaign to its topless page three. Young women are invited to send the Sun pictures of them examining their own breasts for signs of disease.

Posties in Liverpool would rather burn the free Sun than deliver it. They remember only too well the lies that the Sun told about fans at the Hillsborough disaster. The Sun said that supporters had urinated on dead bodies and picked pockets of the dead and injured. It was all a pack of typical Sun lies.

Early this year when a six-day-old baby in Wales died after being attacked by the family’s dog, the Sun’s tasteful front page was headlined: “Dog ate my baby’s head.”

In 2007 virtually all newspapers published the story that social media site MySpace had 29,000 sex offenders as members. The Sun didn’t mention the story. MySpace and the Sun are both owned by Murdoch.

Labour MP Tom Watson has highlighted a breach of the law. The free Sun paper lacks a legal imprint showing details of the Sun’s printer. At up to £50 per copy, that’s a fine of up to £1.1 billion for the soaraway Sun.

This isn’t the ’70s any more, so why do we still permit the overt sexual objectification of women in the Sun, asks Lisa Clarke: here.

THE Sun reportedly has ended its infamous Page 3 topless pictures after two years of pressure from feminist campaigners, insiders revealed yesterday. According to fellow News UK paper the Times, the last “Page 3 girl” was featured on Friday and, despite awaiting official confirmation, commentators seem to believe the topless photos are gone for good: here.

58 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch’s Sun scandals

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  6. After all this most of them got away scot free, they still have maximum control!

    The sooner the Murdoch empire is brought down the better. Murdoch is a nasty man who’s greed for power has rotted his soul!


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  15. Unite takes the Sun to press watchdog

    Media: The Sun could face action from Britain’s press regulator after the paper refused to give the Unite union a chance to respond to allegations in a recent attack article.

    Unite referred the newspaper to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) after what it labelled the “latest slur on a union representing hundreds of thousands of decent working people.”

    Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “Such are the lengths that the Sun will go to smear Unite that it denies the union even a basic defence. In so doing, this paper once again abuses its position in public life.”


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