Teletubbies comeback on TV

This music video is the Teletubbies theme song.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

TV: Parents braced themselves for earache yesterday after it was announced that the Teletubbies are to say “eh-oh” to a new generation of viewers with a comeback more than a decade after the series ended.

The pre-school show, featuring Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po, will return for a further 60 episodes on BBC digital channel CBeebies.

The new series will feature the same characters on replica sets, but programme-makers say it will be “visually enhanced, bringing a refreshed and contemporary look and feel,” and there will also be some CGI animation.

Now that the Teletubbies will be back, will bigots in Poland and elsewhere claiming the series is supposedly ‘gay propaganda‘ be back as well?

This Teletubbies mash-up makes those mutant creatures scarier than ever.

THE TELETUBBIES ARE RETURNING Just after you finally stopped having nightmares about the terrifying children’s characters. [HuffPost]

6 thoughts on “Teletubbies comeback on TV

  1. I missed the Polish reaction. On the States side we got to hear about Jerry Falwell, our televangelist and founder of Liberty University, bitch about Tinky Winky’s purse and his(???) purple inverted triangle antenna, which as everyone knows, is the International Symbol for Queers. Now I know to avoid anyone wearing a purple inverted triangular antenna. Thank you Jerry Falwell.

    By the way, how can you tell whether a teletubbie is male or female? Falwell had no problem, and I was wondering what tipped him off.

    My youngest son had the perfect solution to the problem, though. Replace Tinky Winky with a solid white teletubbie with a circular antenna and named Jesussy Wesussy. It would not only appeal to religious bigots, we could bring in a whole new audience of racists.


    • In a way, that Polish reaction was even worse than Falwell’s, as these Polish bigots were in government. On the other hand, people like Falwell have lots of influence in US Congress, state governments, etc.


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