Bali, Indonesia, colonial war and painting

This video is about the Dutch colonial war in Denpasar in Bali island, Indonesia, in 1906.

In 1908, there was another colonial war on Bali, against Klungkung principality.

Klungkung puputan painting from Bali

From the Newsletter #68 of the International Institute for Asian Studies in the Netherlands, summer 2014:

Bali at war: a painted story of resistance to colonial rule

The defeat of the royal family in Klungkung by Dutch soldiers on 28 April 1908 marks the point at which the entire island of Bali was incorporated into the colonial administration of the Netherlands East Indies. Both the event and the painting discussed here are known as the Puputan, meaning the ‘finishing’ or ‘the end’ in Balinese, referring to the slaughter or ritual surrender of the Klungkung royal family. This painting sits within a corpus of oral traditions about the defeat of Klungkung yet it shifts conventional perspectives by describing local developments prior to the clash between the Dutch and members of the royal household at the site of the palace.

The complete article is here.

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