Ravens back in Limburg province after 144 years

This video from the USA says about itself:

17 April 2009

Raven‘s nest with 6 eggs on window ledge of office building located in WLA [West Los Angeles].

From L1 regional TV in Limburg province, the Netherlands:

For the first time since 1870 a young raven has hatched in Limburg.

The birds nested in the National Park De Maasduinen. At least one youngster fledged early this month [June 2014].


It is for the first time in 144 years that a raven has nested in Limburg. The last time was in 1870 in Schinnen.

Last September at the estate Hamert Wellerlooi, part of Maasduinen, two ravens had been released. These birds had been caught illegally in the wild; they were seized from the poachers and temporarily housed in a bird rehabilitation center.

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