Dutch corporations help violating workers’ rights in Qatar

This video is called Exploited and struggling to survive in Qatar.

Translated from Belga news agency in Belgium:

“Doubtful role of Dutch companies in Qatar

06/07/14, 10:31

Dutch companies and financial institutions are at risk of getting involved indirectly in violating labour rights in Qatar in the construction of stadiums and other facilities for the [football] World Cup, which is to be held in the Arab country in 2022. So says the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV), according to a survey for the Federation, done by research institute Profundo.

The companies, banks and pension funds involved invest in and work with international corporations guilty of violating the rights of construction workers in Qatar, mostly immigrant workers who come from countries like Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Twelve hours a day in blazing sunshine

“The way of working in Qatar is very different from Europe. There, employers frequently take away passports and force people to work twelve hours a day in the burning sun. Therefore I think that Dutch companies, banks and pension funds should not want their money to be used by such companies,” says FNV chairman Ton Heerts.

ING and ABN Amro

The researchers identified inter alia 25 Dutch financial institutions investing in companies involved in construction projects in Qatar where workers were treated badly. These are ING and ABN Amro banks and four of the largest pension funds.

The FNV has approached all these institutions about this.

Qatar World Cup: migrants wait a year to be paid for building offices: here.

FIFA will “never change” while Sepp Blatter remains president, according to his former ally Jack Warner: here.

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