English people against new nuclear power plant plan

This video is called Penly, France and Sizewell, UK radiation pollution 5 April 2012.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Sizewell residents horrified by “monstrous” nuclear plant plan

Wednesday 4th June 2014

SIZEWELL residents yesterday decried “monstrous” plans to build a third nuclear power station at the Suffolk village.

Together Against Sizewell C (Tasc), Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group (Teag) and the B1122 Action Group have been launched in communities surrounding the nuclear site.

They recently staged a protest march along the B1122, the road which will be used by construction vehicles for the development.

Surrounding communities have been blighted for half a century by the presence of nuclear power stations.

Sizewell A was constructed from 1961 and Sizewell B between 1987 and 1995.

Although Sizewell A is being de-commissioned, the life of Sizewell B is to be extended by 20 years until 2055.

Now work is to start on Sizewell C at a site near the small town of Leiston.

Tasc acting chairman Peter Wilkinson said the Sizewell C proposals were monstrous.

“This development will cause major destruction to an area of outstanding natural beauty, our coast and to sites of special scientific interest and must be stopped,” he said.

This video is called Sizewell + Sandlings nature walk, 25th March 2011.

The Sizewell complex is owned by French state energy provider EDF, which bought British Energy in 2009.

Sizewell A was the site of a major radioactive spill in 2007 when an estimated 40,000 gallons of radioactive water leaked from a split pipe.

The leak failed to trigger automatic alarms, and was spotted only when a worker saw water on the floor of a laundry.

Sizewell nuclear disaster averted by dirty laundry [in 2007], says official report. Contractor noticed water from radioactive cooling pond that posed ‘significant risk to operators and public’: here.

Sizewell 2011 leak: here.

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2 thoughts on “English people against new nuclear power plant plan

  1. NUCLEAR POWER: Four nuclear power reactors shut down after a defect was discovered are to be switched back on at the end of next month.
    EDF said last month that it was shutting down the reactors at Heysham 1 in Morecambe, Lancashire, after a crack was discovered on a boiler spine, a metal tube that supports the weight of the boiler tubes around the reactor.
    The firm said a “phased return to service” was expected to take place between the end of October and the end of December.



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