26 thoughts on “Stop anti-Roma racism

  1. This is very good. I wrote a blog post about the continued discrimination against the Roma people on International Roma Day not long ago. All this is terribly disturbing for me, an Englishwoman living abroad. It has always been around I know but since I am one half of a “mixed race couple” with a son living in the UK, I feel it rather sharply. I am very glad that the Green Party is taking up this issue and hope that many will support it.


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    The scourge of racism in its various forms persists in my native UK and across Europe. I wrote a blog post on April 9 (International Roma Day) about the continued persecution of the Roma people and their ongoing fight for respect, dignity and human rights. So this video resonated with me. I hope that you find it interesting, and I commend the UK’s Green Party for taking up this issue.


  3. I too commend the Green Party for taking up this issue.With the rise in popularity ( ????) of the far right in Europe and possibly the UK there’s likely to be much more discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity and colour.
    I firmly believe Britain needs the diversity that immigration brings but am well aware that there are fears that the numbers who want to come here will further stretch our already strained benefit’s system. Maybe we need to restrict further immigration and work on assimilating those already here into English speaking members of our diverse communities.and into educating the British that ethnicity is not a sign of criminality. Crimes against any race should carry heavy penalties and parties like the BNP which promote racism should be outlawed.


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