Good conservation news from Andorra

This video about coins says about itself:

Birds of Andorra

9 March 2012

Birds not only delight people of every age, they are also indispensable for the ecological balance. With these three very different birds, which have existed for millions of years, Andorra shows the diversity and importance of these flying animals.

The distinctive Northern Shoveler who owes its name to its large, up to 7 cm, beak. The proud Western Capercaillie is a so-called resident bird. It thus belongs to a bird species that does not go on regular seasonal migrations. The Robin Redbreast is a member of the Old World Flycatcher‘s family. An old legend says that a member of this bird species comforted Jesus while he was dying. All three birds are shown in a colourful and sparkling prism technique member.

From Wildlife Extra:

New Ramsar site for Andorra

Parque Natural Comunal de los Valles del Comapedrosa is to become Andorra’s third Ramsar site and bring the total area of Ramsar Sites in Andorra to 6,870 hectares.

The site (1,543 hectares) is located at the headwaters of the Arinsal basin and comprises of 74 high mountain wetlands, including permanent rivers and streams, freshwater springs, small glacial lakes and non-forested peatlands. They provide an important concentration of biodiversity and water reservoir within the Alpine biogeographic region and support numerous endemic Pyrenean species, as well as threatened flora and fauna.

The park has visitor facilities such as a viewpoint at Roc de la Sabina, interpretative trails and an extensive network of footpaths.

Sites are recognised by the Ramsar Convention Secretariat as a Wetland of International Importance and that the country’s commitment to maintain the ecological character of them.

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