British poster against governmental warmongering

Michael Gove's World War One poster

This satirical poster is about British Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove. He is not only infamous for censoring books like To Kill A Mockingbird or Of Mice And Men, but also for making pro-World War I propaganda.

The Stop the War Coalition in Britain writes about this poster:

Michael Gove’s World War One poster

£1 plus £2 P&P (to cover the cost of the poster tube).

Call 020 7561 4830.

In fact, vulnerable children are going to be at greater risk of abuse than ever before, thanks to Education Secretary Michael Gove’s obsession with dismantling the state education system and new attempts to privatise child protection services in local authorities: here.

That a faked letter sparked Gove’s panic about Islam in our schools highlights this Bible-basher’s hypocrisy, says SOLOMON HUGHES: here.

12 thoughts on “British poster against governmental warmongering

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