11 thoughts on “Audi’s nazi concentration camp past

  1. Audi, and all or most German industrial firms and companies would have to support the German regime, the Germans were under pressure to catch up with other colonist countries, such as a major power as the British imperialism regime, as we look at British history similar acts of cruelty and oppression would be the order of the day, just to look at Captain Cook, a nice enough example of a product of the British expansionist policy, a look at the atrocities of Aboriginals of Australia, and Cooks contribution and also by those who we presume were innocent as a cultural phenomena of oppression contributing all to a world lacking compassion and this program is still alive today except it is all to subtle to notice by those who are in power keeping the flame of oppression alive and also those who are too conditioned to know better.


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    This is raw footage shot by U.S. military photographers of Nazi concentration camps at the moment of liberation in 1945. I have seen like footage before, visited several camps – Buchenwald, Sachenhausen – (although it was years ago) – but I found this film striking, the power of black and white photography is there in every scene…it emphasizes all the victims of Nazism from all over Europe – even a few Americans. I watched the first twenty minutes of it and will watch the rest tomorrow. It says a lot that what in the 19th century was one of the most cultured and liberal countries in Europe – or anywhere else – could turn into modern day barbarians shortly thereafter. The Germans are not the only ones… they killed with gas, in the post war period others killed with napalm, phosphorus bombs, drones, For those of you think that Americans are incapable of such savagery I recommend Nick Turse’s “Kill Everything That Moves” about the U.S. military intervention in Vietnam, or pretty much anything about the French war against Algeria (1954-1962)….Cheers, RJP…


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