Torture in Bahrain update

This video says about itself:

‘People were tortured in front of my eyes’: Bahrain top human rights activist Nabeel Rajab released

26 May 2014

Bahrain recently released its most prominent human rights defender after serving a 2 year jail sentence. Nabeel Rajab said he was held in terrible conditions and subjected to abuse. The human rights defender said he’s shocked at how much the situation in Bahrain had worsened during his time in prison. RT’s Paul Scott had a chance to talk to him in the first TV interview since his release.

Amid yet more reports of grave human rights violations against Bahrain Shia community, a rather worrying development has come to light in the kingdom island as King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa is attempting to sow discord amid the Christian and Shia Muslim community, intent on pitting two friendly and traditionally peaceful communities against each other, to serve his own personal political gain: here.

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