European elections, Dutch results

This video from 2012, is called “Real Despair” Sweeps Through Greece as Severe EU-IMF Austerity Measures Cripple Nation.

On 25 May 2014, after 11pm local time, Dutch NOS TV brought the results of the 2014 European Parliament elections … not an exit poll … real results

Less than 40% of the electorate went to the polling stations: 37,3%.

The results were:

PVV (xenophobic party of Geert Wilders): 13,2%. Last time, in 2009, they had 17,0. This means from 5 MEPs to 4 MEPs.

Here are the results for other parties.

D66 (“liberal”, pro-European Union): 15,4%. From 3 to 4 seats.

VVD (pro-big business party of Prime Minister Rutte, biggest party in two-party governing coalition): 11,9%. Still 3 MEPs.

CDA (Christian Democrats, sister party of Merkel in Germany): 15,0%. Still 5 seats. Though they had less votes dan D66. However, they had linked their list to Christian Union-SGP. Linking lists helps in the Dutch electoral system.

Socialist Party: 9,6%. Still 2 MPs.

PvdA (social democrats, junior partners in coalition government with the VVD): 9,4%. Still 3 MPs. Less votes than the Socialist Party. But they had linked their list with GroenLinks.

IQ-partij (one-man party, just one candidate): 0,0%

GroenLinks: 7,0%. Was 3 MEPs; now 2.

Christian Union-SGP (coalition of two Calvinist Protestant parties): 7,6%. Still 2 MEPs.

50+ (pensioners’ party): 3,8%. Not enough for one MEP.

Party for the Animals: 4,2%.

Four percent is enough for one seat; which they have now, vs. zero in 2009.

Artikel 50 (its MEP founder Daniël van der Stoep split from Wilders’ PVV party after police caught Van der Stoep driving while drunk): 1,0%

Pirate party (‘one issue’ party about the Internet): 1,0%

Greens: 0,0%

Anti-EU(ro) party: 0,0%

Liberal Democrat party (split from the VVD which they thought was becoming too conservative): 0,0%

Jesus Lives (Christian fundamentalists): 0,0% (for more European Union influence): 0,0%

Aandacht en Eenvoud: 0,0%

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10 thoughts on “European elections, Dutch results

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  2. Interesting results. There was a large backlash against mainstream politics here in the UK in this election which manifested itself in votes for the anti-EU UKIP. It’s all very unhealthy, at least in the short term. I think European and national politicians need to take a long hard look at themselves and reform their activities appropriately.


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