Vietnamese traditional healers against rhino poaching

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Rhino and Hippo Date Night Part 1

1 January 2013

NEWS FLASH: This lonely male rhino at Moholoholo has been sold to another preserve to meet girl rhinos and make babies. Now he won’t have to try and hook up with the uncooperative hippos! There’s kissing, horn rubbing, tusk displays, gentle biting, back rubs, rolling around, pushing, shoving, and even mounting during their encounter that lasted over 35 minutes. “Date night” seemed to sum it up best. There’s also a couple more minutes of video before it gets dark in Part 2. You won’t want to miss it.

This video is Part 2.

From Times LIVE in South Africa:

Vietnam says no to use of rhino horn

Pericles Anetos

15 May, 2014 16:33

Vietnam‘s Ministry of Health and the Traditional Medicine Association have agreed to say no to “No” to the use of rhino horn and other endangered species.

The agreement arose during a workshop in the capital Hanoi.

The workshop was attended by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, and WWF Vietnam, and was funded by WWF South Africa.

During the workshop the president of the Cancer Association of Vietnam spoke to the gathered delegates from the Ministry and the Traditional Medicine Association, his presentation emphasised the lack of evidence supporting the idea that rhino horn could cure cancer.

Manager of the Rhino Programme and the Biodiversity Unit at WWF SA, Dr Jo Shaw said that it was encouraging to see the way the initiative had been received in Vietnam and is now looking forward to seeing the agreements being enacted.

“Meeting participants, including the Traditional medicine association showed unanimous acknowledgement that there is no evidence to support the myth that rhino horn can cure cancer, which is a significant step.” Shaw said.

The next step for the project is to identify the best way to communicate this message to people using rhino horn for medical purposes throughout Vietnam.

According to the WWF SA more than 2,000 rhino horns are entered [into the] global market last year.

See also here.

And here.

Vietnam to Ban Cruel Eye Tests on Rabbits: here.

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10 thoughts on “Vietnamese traditional healers against rhino poaching

  1. The world’s greatest rhino sanctuary is under threat. Plans are underway to build a coal mine just 40 metres from the park’s borders. Rangers fear it will destroy the wilderness and clear the way for poachers, who have butchered nearly 400 rhinos in South Africa this year alone, but we can stop it if we act now.

    Conservationists, scientists and local communities all oppose the mine and are shocked that the government has allowed it to progress this far. But a new Mineral Resources Minister is starting work this week, and if we all speak out we could make stopping this rhino threatening mine the first issue on his desk.

    The Minister will want to win hearts when he first comes into office. Let’s make this mine publicly toxic. Click to join the urgent call to save the rhinos, and then tell everyone. If we reach 500,000 signatures this week, Avaaz will welcome the new Minister to work with a herd of cardboard rhinos:

    Hluhluwe-iMofolozi is the oldest natural park in Africa and credited with saving the white rhino from extinction. It is also one of South Africa’s greatest natural treasures – home to a wealth of wildlife and one of the last patches of true wilderness left in the country. And it could be destroyed by yet another coal mine, which would pollute the surrounding area and potentially poison the World Heritage listed wetlands downstream.

    The government has misjudged how much South Africans love this park — and a broad coalition is leaping to its defense. Local communities and even the traditional owners of the land were kept in the dark and are some of the fiercest critics of the dirty development. Now they are fighting back. They do not want to be relocated to make way for a massive mine. They need our help to stop their homes and fields being bulldozed and blasted, their communities uprooted.

    We can help them to defend their rights, preserve the iMfolozi wilderness and protect its endangered rhinos. Add your name now and we will create a storm around the new Minister that will force him to scrap this project and forbid any future mining within the buffer zone around the park.

    When Avaaz launched a campaign to stop the lion bone trade in South Africa — we forced a landmark decision in South African court, enshrining free speech and fearlessly taking on the SA government. Now let’s bring the same people power to save a priceless patch of wilderness for future generations,

    With hope and determination,

    Richard, Emily, Sam, Alice, Rewan, Mais, Marigona and the whole Avaaz team


    Proposed mine to despoil nature (The New Age)

    Untested new South Africa mines minister faces baptism of fire (Reuters)

    Alarm over proposed mine produces 500 signatures (IoL Business Report)


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