Scarlet macaws and green kingfisher in Costa Rica

Common tody-flycatcher, 26 March 2014

After 25 March 2014 near and on the Tarcoles river in Costa Rica, came 26 March 2016. Our last morning near the Tarcoles river. With birds like this common tody flycatcher.

On a rock in the river, a spotted sandpiper.

Leaf-cutter ants on two-lane highways across the grass: in one direction, ants with pieces of leaves. In the other direction, ants which still had to get pieces of leaf.

6:25. Two bare-throated tiger herons fly to a tree along the river.

Common tody-flycatcher with nesting material, 26 March 2014

A common tody flycatcher has nesting material in its bill.

Green kingfisher female, 26 March 2014

A female green kingfisher.

Green kingfisher female on branch, 26 March 2014

Sometimes, sitting on a branch.

Green kingfisher female on rock, 26 March 2014

Sometimes, on a rock in the river.

A buff-rumped warbler along the river.

Scarlet macaws, 26 March 2014

A scarlet macaw couple flying together.

Inca doves, 26 March 2014

Then, an inca dove couple.

Inca doves cleaning feathers, 26 March 2014

They clean their feathers.

Inca doves on branch, 26 March 2014

A Philadelphia vireo.

8:47: as the bus to the south departs, white ibis flying.

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13 thoughts on “Scarlet macaws and green kingfisher in Costa Rica

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  9. i’m late in replying to the kingfisher, but looked at this offline at home and am now back at the cyber… ah, seeing the images brought back memories of costa rica – yet i also marvel at how many species are there and here as well.. those feathered creatures do a good job of navigating, no passports needed, no border controls, no fuel consumption – just free to live where the ecosystem is friendly….

    i love the tody flycatchers – so precious! thanks for the link, and as always, for your long-term support!


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