Save African lions by building bomas

This video from Africa says about itself:

27 July 2008

A few of the Lion Guardians got together to help mend a boma that a hyena had been repeatedly attacking. Their hard work paid off and they managed to fix the boma so that the attacks stopped, and the community did not feel they had to kill the hyena.

From National Geographic yesterday:

In East Africa, livestock is the livelihood of many communities. When lions and other big cats kill livestock, people often kill the cats in retaliation—and the problem is growing worse. There are just over 30,000 lions left in the wild. The best way to prevent any more of these big cats from being killed is to prevent the conflict. And that’s where you come in.

Our Build a Boma campaign aims to stop these killings by building predator-proof boma fences to protect livestock from big cats. When you donate to Build a Boma, you’re funding the work of Big Cats Initiative grantees who are working with local communities to build these fences. It costs just $500 to build a boma and $25 to maintain one for a whole year. Any donation you can make will go a long way.

Want to learn more about the impacts of bomas? Watch a video that shows the benefits these fences have on communities.

Together we can decrease the killing of lions. Don’t forget to find out more about Build a Boma and how you can help save big cats.

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