European elections, new and improved exit poll

This video from the USA is called Joseph Stiglitz on Occupy and Why U.S.-Europe Austerity Will Only Weaken Economic Recovery.

Tonight, at 9pm local time, Dutch NOS TV brought the first results of the 2014 European Parliament elections … er, it was an exit poll.

Half an hour later, the second version of the exit poll.

Less than 40% of the electorate went to the polling stations: 37%.

The results were:

PVV (xenophobic party of Geert Wilders): 12,2%. Last time, in 2009, they had 17,0. This would mean from 5 MEPs to 3 MEPs.

Here are the comparisons for other parties with the 2009 European Parliament elections. Being just an exit poll, a bit tricky and provisional.

D66 (“liberal”, pro-European Union): 15,6%

VVD (pro-big business party of Prime Minister Rutte, biggest party in two-party governing coalition): 12,3%

CDA (Christian Democrats, sister party of Merkel in Germany): 15,2%

Socialist Party: 10,0%

PvdA (social democrats, junior partners in coalition government with the VVD): 9,4%

IQ-partij (one-man party, just one candidate): 0,%

GroenLinks: 7,3%

Christian Union-SGP (coalition of two Calvinist Protestant parties): 7,8%

50+ (pensioners’ party): 4,2%

Party for the Animals: 4,2%.

Four percent is enough for one seat.

Artikel 50 (its MEP founder Daniël van der Stoep split from Wilders’ PVV party after police caught Van der Stoep driving while drunk): ,%

Pirate party (‘one issue’ party about the Internet): 0,7%

All other parties had together 1.1% in the second exit poll.

Greens: ,%

Anti-EU(ro) party: ,%

Liberal Democrat party (split from the VVD which they thought was becoming too conservative): 0,%

Jesus Lives (Christian fundamentalists): ,% (for more European Union influence): ,%

Aandacht en Eenvoud: 0,%

Britain: AS the results of Thursday’s local council elections come in and are poured over by the main political parties and the pundits in the bourgeois press, a near unanimous agreement has been reached – stunning upset caused by UKIP, collapse of LibDem vote, disaster for Tories and huge blow for Labour: here.

For months, opinion polls in France have been forecasting a victory for the far-right National Front (FN) in Sunday’s European elections. The latest surveys place the FN at between 21 and 23 percent, just ahead of the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), with 20-21 percent, and clearly in front of the governing Socialist Party (17-18 percent). If the polls are correct, the FN would become the strongest party for the first time in a national election in France: here.

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6 thoughts on “European elections, new and improved exit poll

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  2. NETHERLANDS: Prominent rightwinger Geert Wilders expressed disappointment yesterday after a Dutch exit poll showed his party losing support on the first day of European Parliament elections.

    The shock slide for Wilders’s Party for Freedom bucked the trend of right-wing populist parties gaining support across the continent.

    Official results will not be known until Sunday night.

    But an Ipsos exit poll showed Wilders’ Party for Freedom slipping from 17 per cent five years ago to 12.2 per cent.


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