European elections, first results … err … exit poll

This video from Belgium says about itself:

Buy Buy Europe | 2 – Austerity till the grave

6 October 2013

The bailout of the financial sector cost thousands of billions of euros. In this episode, we’ll take a look at who eventually footed the bill.

Second episode of the web series based on the bestselling “How dare they? – The euro, the crisis and the big hold-up” by Peter Mertens. Over 5 episodes, we’ll take a look at the winners and losers of the euro crisis. Above all we ask: what kind of Europe do we want?

Tonight, Dutch NOS TV brought the first results of the 2014 European Parliament elections … er, it was an exit poll.

Less than 40% of the electorate went to the polling stations.

The results were:

PVV (xenophobic party of Geert Wilders): 12,7%

D66 (“liberal”, pro-European Union): 15,3%

VVD (pro-big business party of Prime Minister Rutte, biggest party in two-party governing coalition): 12,1%

CDA (Christian Democrats, sister party of Merkel in Germany): 15 ,4%

Socialist Party: 10 ,0%

PvdA (social democrats, junior partners in coalition government with the VVD): 9,3%

IQ-partij (one-man party, just one candidate): 0,%

GroenLinks: 7,2%

Christian Union-SGP (coalition of two Calvinist Protestant parties): 7,9%

50+ (pensioners’ party):4,1%

Party for the Animals: 4,2%.

Four percent is enough for one seat.

Artikel 50 (its MEP founder Daniël van der Stoep split from Wilders’ PVV party after police caught Van der Stoep driving while drunk): ,%

Pirate party (‘one issue’ party about the Internet): ,%

Greens: ,%

Anti-EU(ro) party: ,%

Liberal Democrat party (split from the VVD which they thought was becoming too conservative): 0,%

Jesus Lives (Christian fundamentalists): ,% (for more European Union influence): ,%

Aandacht en Eenvoud: 0,%

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