36 thoughts on “NSA spying on all people of the Bahamas

  1. Speaking as one ordinary American, I hate all this. I hate that my tax money is paying for this. I don’t want to spy on anybody, and I don’t want to be spied on.

    The NSA has way too much money if they can afford to set this up. Has congress approved of this or has congress become irrelevant?

    What is the government doing? It doesn’t have a mandate to stop ordinary crime from happening. On the contrary, only in the event of treason can they act before something happens. Maybe terrorism is an exception now, too, but not ordinary crime.

    The NSA was formed to protect the president. Does protecting one person, no matter how vital or important, justify invading the privacy of millions of other people?

    What’s to say this information can’t be hacked and used fraudulently or to the financial disadvantage of those spied on? Who’s to say the government could keep the information confidential?

    And why are software developers helping these politicians figure out how to capture, store, process, search and classify all this data? To me, this is the equivalent of a new kind of nuclear weapon that could destroy life as we know it. Let’s ask the scientists to stop! Do not facilitate this!

    Even Tricky Dick didn’t go this far, and he was impeached and resigned. Have we become a nation devoid of the morals that forced Nixon from office?


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