Woodpeckers and cuckoos in Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Pacific ocean, 25 March 2014

Still, 25 March 2014 in Costa Rica. After the Tarcoles river and lowlands close to that river, in the afternoon to higher hilly country, with fine views of these lowlands and the Pacific ocean beyond.

15:11: a king vulture flying.

A brown jay.

A streaked flycatcher.

Pale-billed woodpecker, 25 March 2014

A pale-billed woodpecker.

This video says about itself:

Talking with a Pale-billed Woodpecker

16 November 2011

Magnificent and elusive, the Campephilus woodpeckers include the Ivory-billed and Imperial woodpeckers, which may be extinct, and the Pale-billed Woodpecker, which still haunt[s] the forests of Costa Rica today. Join the experience as scientists Martjan Lammertink and Chris Saker search for this little-known species in a tropical forest, using a wooden “double-knocker” as their most valuable device.

Barred antshrike male, 25 March 2014

Then, a male barred antshrike. A species which I had already seen in Suriname.

Barred antshrike female, 25 March 2014

There was a female as well.

Striped cuckoo, 25 March 2014

Then, a striped cuckoo.

Striped cuckoo calling, 25 March 2014

It was calling on a branch.

Striped cuckoo on branch, 25 March 2014

Chestnut-mandibled toucan, 25 March 2014

As we walked down, along the road a chestnut-mandibled toucan; the biggest toucan species of Costa Rica.

Fiery-billed aracari, 25 March 2014

As light for photography worsened as it was getting late, a smaller toucan relative: a fiery-billed aracari.

Lineated woodpecker female, 25 March 2014

It became still darker. But we could still see a female lineated woodpecker, enlarging a hole in a tree for nesting.

Still darker. A chestnut-backed antbird.

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