Bahrain MP sacked for criticizing torture prison

This video says about itself:

Woman among warlords

28 October 2009

Malalai Joya tells CNN’s Heidi Collins how she was expelled from Afghanistan’s parliament.

In Afghanistan, there was a member of the, basically puppet, parliament, feminist Malalai Joya. She dared to criticized the continuing oppression of women, the United States occupation and war, and the fact that most MPs were warlords with blood on their hands. Ms Malalai Joya’s ‘colleagues’ reacted by illegally expelling her from parliament.

In Bahrain, there was a member of the, basically puppet, parliament, Osama Muhanna al-Tamimi. Though belonging to the Sunni tendency in Islam, like the royal family, he criticized the absolute monarchy. Violent supporters of that monarchy then made an attempt on Osama Muhanna al-Tamimi’s life.

The name of this MP is also spelled, in Latin script, as Osama Mehanna.

This video about Bahrain says about itself:

Dr. Rula Al-Saffar: “Jaw Prison holds over 3000 detainees”

18 February 2014

Dr. Rula Al-Saffar also presented some powerful statistics and case studies, focusing more specifically on the conditions of political prisoners. She retold the stories of Talib Ali, a 15 year old with a 50 year conviction sentence, and Dr. Ali-Ekri, the only specialized paediatrics surgeon in Bahrain who is facing a 5 year sentence simply for treating patients of the uprising.

Of the largest prison in Bahrain — Jaw prison — she described how the maximization of the prison’s 1600 people capacity is being overlooked to the extent where the prison now holds over 3000 detainees, with up to 12 inmates having to share cells built for 3-4 people.

From Al-Akhbar in Egypt:

Bahrain sacks MP for criticizing prison conditions

Published Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bahrain’s parliament on Tuesday sacked an MP who had criticized conditions at a prison where inmates are mostly anti-government activists held over protests.

Parliament speaker Khalifa al-Dhahrani said 31 MPs out of the 40-member chamber voted to eject Osama Mehanna, in a statement published by BNA state news agency.

Dhahrani did not disclose the reason behind his removal.

But political sources pointed out that Mehanna had a fierce argument with fellow MPs on April 29 after he criticized the situation at Jaw Prison, in southeastern Bahrain.

Mehanna was elected in October 2011 in partial polls held to replace 18 MPs of the opposition Al-Wefaq party who resigned in protest at violence used to quell a month of pro-reform protests.

Hundreds [of] protesters and oppositions activists have been arrested since the eruption of the February 2011 uprising.

Human rights groups have condemned the government’s use of torture to convict and jail activists.

Bahrain is home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

From AFP news agency:

Amnesty International on Monday voiced concerns over the “continuing detention of prisoners of conscience and the harsh sentences handed by Bahraini courts in connection with rioting, including against children.”

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