Wounded harbour porpoise recovering

This video says about itself:

Harbour porpoise rescued

Theodore the harbour porpoise is on the road to recovery. Kylie Stanton reports. July 26, 2012.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Porpoise recovering well after surgery

Monday, May 19, 2014, 13:35

A severely injured young porpoise was successfully operated in Harderwijk. The animal, after months of intensive care is expected to be able to go back to sea soon.

In February, the porpoise washed up on the beach at the Belgian Koksmuide. It had been bitten by another animal, probably a fox. The mammal was badly wounded on its side and elsewhere.

Night and day

The porpoise was emaciated and did not seem to be able to make it. The animal was transferred to the SOS Dolphin Foundation in Harderwijk. The injuries were so severe that he could not swim independently. During the first weeks volunteers of the Foundation have supported the porpoise night and day in the pool where it stayed.

The wounds were treated with a special honey salve. But there were complications. It was found that two small pieces of bone stuck out near a fin. A specialized veterinarian has successfully removed the bones, which is unique in the Netherlands.

Though the fins are slightly shortened now , the porpoise seems not to care. “He’s staying with a number of stranded porpoises in a basin, but we actually see no difference in swimming behavior between him and the other animals,” said a spokesman for SOS Dolphin.

This harbour porpoise was called Sjors (George).

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