Dutch wildlife passages for adders and other animals

This video is about the start of the eco-acqueduct construction near Rouveen in the Netherlands in February 2014.

Since the days of the Roman empire, there are aqueducts, leading water across roads.

In the Netherlands and other countries, there are now ecoducts, enabling wildlife to cross dangerous roads.

Now, near Rouveen village, in the Olde Maten area near the Weerribben nature reserve in the Netherlands, there is the first eco-acqueduct leading nature reserve water across a canal, enabling water animals, land animals and people to pass safely the canal and a road.

This video is called Adders Dancing (Vipera berus).

Also, more to the south in the Netherlands, from Limburg province, translated from L1 TV on 15 May 2014:

The Meinweg National Park has a first with the first light-transmitting adder tunnel in the Netherlands.

Which will be inaugurated next week. The Forestry Commission has been working for ten years at corridors for Meinweg adders. This tunnel, which is the final step, will go under the main road in the park.

Venomous snake

The adder is a Dutch venomous snake which is common in the national park. It loves light and heat. The Forestry Commission expects that the adders will now start using the tunnel as well.

The tunnel is about 8 meter long and 80 cm wide.

Getting Wildlife (Safely) to the Other Side of the Road: here.

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