Protests in Britain against Bahraini absolute monarchy

This video says about itself:

Torture in Bahrain

22 April 2011

Amber Lyon’s CNN report on flagrant human rights abuse in Bahrain. Richard Sollum of Physicians for Human Rights calls it the worst they’ve ever seen. Bahraini security forces intimidate and torture hospitalized opposition members.

From AFP news agency today:

British police ready for protests as Bahrain king arrives

6 hours ago

Protests are expected to greet Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa when he arrives in London on Friday for engagements with Britain’s royal family.

London police said they are expecting demonstrations when the king attends a conference on Friday to strengthen British-Bahraini ties, which will also be attended by Queen Elizabeth II’s son Prince Andrew.

Protesters angry about the treatment of anti-regime activists in Bahrain are also expected to be present when he joins the Queen at Sunday’s Royal Windsor Horse Show, west of London.

The king will be accompanied by his son, Prince Nasser bin Hamad, who faces a London court bid to overturn his immunity from prosecution over torture allegations.

The case was brought by a Bahraini refuge[e], who claims the prince tortured anti-regime demonstrators during a crackdown against the uprising in 2011.

A Gulf Arab rights group has called for the release of thousands of prisoners of conscience in the region as it marks what it calls Gulf Detainees Day to highlight their plight. The overwhelming majority of the prisoners are held in Saudi Arabia followed by Bahrain, the group says: here.

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) urges the UK government and royal family to raise serious concerns regarding human rights abuses in Bahrain during the King’s visit this week. BIRD has urged members of the UK royal family and government to publicly raise human rights concerns with the King of Bahrain during his visit to London this week. Letters have been sent to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prime Minister David Cameron, FCO Minister William Hague and opposition leader Edward Miliband: here.

The Bahraini regime has banned the Asda radio application for smart devices from broadcasting just days after it’s launch. The measure comes in line with the regime’s ongoing arbitrary measures to fight dissent. The regime used the Ministry of Justice to impose the decision that contradicts laws and ethics: here.

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