Irish government attacks poor sick people

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Half of Ireland’s Down Syndrome children at risk of losing medical cards

15 Janary 2014

Karen North from Down Syndrome Ireland speaks to Pat Kenny about her daughter Eve and her own experience with Down Syndrome in the aftermath of the announcement that medical cards will be means tested.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Irish government ‘taking medical cards from the poor’

Monday 12th May 2014

THE new head of the Irish Pharmacy Union said yesterday that the Republic’s government may be denying that medical cards are being withdrawn but pharmacists know better.

Kathy Maher was elected as president of the IPU at the organisation’s conference in Cavan.

Speaking after her election, she said that there was no doubt that medical cards — the Republic’s main method of subsidising medicines for the less well off — were being withdrawn widely.

She said that pharmacists have reported significant numbers of vulnerable patients distressed at the loss of their means-tested cards.

Ms Maher criticised the government’s denials.

“It’s shocking that the government is still denying what every pharmacist in the country knows — medical cards are being withdrawn on a widespread basis and vulnerable patients are suffering as a result,” she said.

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11 thoughts on “Irish government attacks poor sick people

  1. Here in Australia, its the same, the program is all one way or another the same, which is what Globalization is about, the when restrictions or oppressive rules or economic adversity begins in one part of the Western hemisphere, it seems to follow throughout exception exist such as gun laws, this is because the system has become entrenched as a culture.


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