Bahrain regime deports Pakistani mercenaries

This video from Pakistan says about itself:

Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan takes out rally to support Bahraini people on 1st May 2011

Thousands of people on Sunday marched at M.A.Jinnah Road, an important street of Karachi against the Saudi-Wahabi’s intervention in Bahrain. The marchers condemned the killing of innocent people of Bahrain by the Wahabi forces of Saudi Arabia.

They demanded of the Government of Pakistan and Pakistani Army to immediately stop the recruitment of mercenaries from Pakistan to Bahrain saying that the people of the country would not tolerate the recruitment of mercenaries to kill oppressed people of Bahrain.

From Terminal X in Pakistan:

May 11, 2014

Bahrain deports 500 Pakistani security soldiers over ‘indiscipline’

[Terminal X Desk] – Bahrain has deported 500 Pakistani security soldiers over charges of indiscipline.

According to a report by Naeem Mustafa in the Urdu language daily “Pakistan”, more than 400 such deportees and their families are currently below the poverty line. When the Fauji Foundation was contacted, an official there denied that these soldiers were deported without a reason; he said that they were sent back because they violated the discipline.

Some of these deported soldiers including Mirza Sohail, Owais Asif, Usman Younas, Umar Malik, Zafar Iqbal, Waqas Janjua, Faisal Sattar and Bilal Ahmed said that the Fauji Foundation in Islamabad (which handles veteran affairs) recruited them after giving a proper advertisement in the newspapers for overseas opportunities. They were told that the Bahrain Army requires guards, constables and soldiers. According to these deported soldiers, they were recruited on 19 September 2011.

The deportees said that most of the personnel were recruited from the Toba Tek Singh Centre where a particular Colonel Jawaid subjected these candidates to a stringent, one-week long interview and test sessions before approving them for clearance. Personnel were recruited from selection centres in Toba Tek Singh, Sahiwal, Chichawatni, Faisalabad, Mian Channu, Sargodha and adjoining areas whereas a sizable number of candidates were also selected from the centre in Islamabad.

All these selected candidates reported at the Fauji Foundation Headquarters in Islamabad where they were given detailed briefings about their upcoming roles. They were promised 172 dinars as monthly stipend and were later on sent to Bahrain through special protocol; they were given full-fledged trainings for placement in the police, rangers and tri-services (army, navy, airforce).

The deported candidates said they received 205 dinars (55,000 Pakistani rupees), which was more than the original promised. They said that the Bahraini regime and army took special care of them and fulfilled their basic needs; they also admitted that they were given special consideration and respect for the services they were rendering. They were given 5 uniforms each and given the name of “Bahrain Special Force” with full military protocol and honors. They said that it was then they reached Bahrain that they realized about 6,000 to 7,000 Pakistani soldiers are serving in Bahrain where they perform in professional capacities in the police, army and rangers. Most of those Pakistanis, according to these deported personnel, have been working there for more than a decade.

According to these deported soldiers, one day they were abruptly notified by the Chief of Staff of Bahrain Defence Force, Daij bin Salman al Khalifa of their group’s suspension and deportation to Pakistan. The soldiers said they were compensated with their pending salaries and these 500 soldiers were deported to Pakistan the very next day through a special chartered plane. The deported soldiers shared their woes of unemployment and poverty. They said they had brought their appeal to the notice of Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif. They also visited the Fauji Foundation Headquarters in Islamabad several times to get their appeals heard but to no avail so far. They have also written appeal letters to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif for mercy and assitance in their tough times.

On the other hand, an official of Fauji Foundation spoke to Naeem Mustafa of daily “Pakistan” and said that this particular group of 500 soldiers was deported from Bahrain because of misconduct and violation of discipline. They had reportedly taken part in protests and strikes for 2 to 3 days. During these demonstrations, this group of soldiers had made a series of unreasonable demands which were not accepted; later they themselves absolved themselves of further service after which they were deported.

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