Scores of refugees drown off Libya

This video is called Italy: Lampedusa boat sinking: fishermen ‘prevented’ from rescuing migrants.

If you are an African refugee from war in Somalia … or war in the Central African Republic … or war in Mali … or still continuing war and/or racist persecution in Libya … and you manage not to be imprisoned in a torture jail in Libya … then you may still die in a horrible way.

From Al Jazeera:

Dozens of migrants drown off Libya

Interior Ministry official says at least 40 dead after boat carrying migrants capsized in waters east of Tripoli.

Last updated: 11 May 2014 15:09

At least 40 people have died and 51 have been rescued after a boat carrying migrants sank off Libya‘s coast.

Rami Kaal, a spokesman for the Libyan Interior Ministry, told the Reuters news agency the boat sank in waters east of the capital Tripoli.

Libya’s porous borders with its sub-Saharan neighbours and its proximity to Italy and Malta across the Mediterranean have made the North African country a common transit route for migrants trying to reach Europe.

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23 thoughts on “Scores of refugees drown off Libya

  1. LIBYA: Interior Minister Saleh Maziq threatened this weekend to help illegal migrants reach Europe if the EU failed to help deal with a flood of migrants through his country.

    Mr Maziq blamed illegal migrants for a rise in crime and the spread of drugs and disease.

    With security forces in disarray since the overthrow of Muammar Gadaffi, human smuggling has become an organised industry in which Libya’s militias are involved, say police.


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  6. A boat carrying over 250 migrants has capsized off the Libyan coast near the capital Tripoli.
    Coastguard official Abdel-Latif Mohammed said on Saturday that 16 people had been rescued since the coastguard was alerted to the incident late on Friday. The body of an 18-month-old child was pulled from the water as rescue operations continued off the shores of al-Qarbouli.


  7. Italy: Authorities have discovered 18 bodies in a boat of migrants as rescue operations went into overdrive this weekend, with 3,500 would-be refugees picked up at sea.
    The navy said that its Sirio patrol ship was docking in Pozzallo, southern Sicily, with 266 migrants and 18 corpses aboard.
    Since Friday 3,500 migrants have been rescued. Around 100,000 have arrived this year.


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