Hitler’s SS’ post-World War II secret army

This video says about itself:

Ukraine: Odessa Holocaust memorial vandalised with Nazi symbols

9 April 2014

A memorial dedicated to victims of the Holocaust was vandalised in Odessa overnight on Tuesday. Situated on the square named after Soviet commander Fyodor Tolbukhin, unidentified people painted the memorial with Nazi symbols including the swastika. Police have launched an investigation into the incident, while workers were seen Wednesday cleaning the memorial.

The memorial was unveiled in October 2013 in commemoration of the estimated 25,000 Odessa residents killed by Nazi occupiers in 1941. Approximately 22,000 of those killed were Jews.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

May 11, 2014 19:55

‘Ex-SS men founded a secret army in West Germany’

Former SS men and former soldiers of Hitler’s Wehrmacht already in 1949 started building a secret army in the Federal Republic of Germany. This happened at first without the government knowing about it.

When Chancellor Konrad Adenauer got to know about it in 1951, he did not object.

The secret army, which about two thousand men joined, wanted to be ready to fight the Soviet Union, if ‘the Russians’ would come.

For the weapons necessary for that purpose there were connections to the police and border guards. There were also plans to have war games in Spain, then still a fascist country.

The secret army also registered leftist West Germans. In the case of a civil war in West Germany they wanted to fight “communists”. This is reported by weekly Der Spiegel based on research in the archives of the secret service BND.


West Germany only ten years after the Second World War, in 1955, got another “official” army. Many former members of the former secret army got jobs there.

One of them, Hans Speidel (general at the time of the Second World War), in 1957 even became supreme commander of the land forces of NATO in Central Europe.

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