Icelandic whale meat exports to Japan

This video says about itself:

17 November 2011

Iceland reportedly removed whale meat from sale at Keflavik airport after undercover investigators found a shop assistant allegedly saying it was fine to take it out of the country. Video includes pictures of whale hunts that some may find disturbing. Report by Mark Morris.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Japan whale meat imports attacked by environmentalists

Friday 9th May 2014

ENVIRONMENTALISTS hit out at Japan today after the country imported 2,000 tons of frozen whale meat from Iceland.

The meat from fin whales was imported on Thursday from Iceland to Osaka, said Greenpeace Japan spokesman Junichi Sato.

The ship left Iceland in March carrying a cargo equivalent to almost all the whale meat exports for the last six years.

Greenpeace said it was puzzled by the size of the cargo, accounting for about two-thirds of annual consumption.

“We don’t know why Japan had to import such a huge volume of whale meat,” Mr Sato said.

“No matter what, we oppose such shipments.”

Critics claim the country already has large stocks of frozen whale meat from its own hunts that it cannot sell.

In December, Iceland said it had increased its 2014 quotas for whaling.

Since it resumed whaling despite an international moratorium in 2006, Iceland and Norway have come in for wide criticism from environmental groups.

Icelanders eat little whale meat and most of the catch is sent to the Japanese market.

In March, a UN court ruled that the annual foray into the Southern Ocean by Japanese whalers was a commercial hunt masquerading as science.

Tokyo said there would be no hunting in the Southern Ocean in the 2014-15 season, but vessels would carry out “non-lethal research.”

Critics say Tokyo’s position is based on support for vested interests in the whaling industry rather efforts than to protect a source of food.

The newly created Japan Whale and Dolphin Watching Council will promote marine mammal eco-tourism, offering a lucrative alternative as Japan loses its taste for hunting wild cetaceans. Read more here.

9 thoughts on “Icelandic whale meat exports to Japan

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  5. Dear friends,

    The Icelandic whaling fleet is about to leave port to hunt and kill 150 endangered fin whales. We’ve come close to shutting down this barbaric operation before and now we have a chance to end it for good.

    As the whalers sharpen their harpoons for this year’s hunt, their boss is trying to ship last year’s whale meat to Japan right now. Over 1,700 tonnes are about to be sent through the icy passage between Russia and the North Pole. But if the tiny Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis simply removes their flag from the vessel it can’t leave port! Tourism is the main pillar of their country’s economy and we can put their reputation on the line by throwing them into our giant global spotlight.

    We have just six days before the boat could set sail.

    Our community already helped push European countries to shun this shameful trade. Let’s now get St. Kitts to stop helping the whalers! Sign now and share with everyone urgently — Avaaz will deliver our voices straight to the new Prime Minister, and if he doesn’t respond quickly, Avaaz’ll target his biggest tourist market – the US – and show how St. Kitts is supporting the slaughter of these majestic beings:

    Iceland’s entire fin whaling industry is run by one man, Kristjan Loftsson, but his business is barely breaking even, so if we stop the whale meat from reaching Japan we can sink his profits! Other nations have removed their flag from vessels in response to public pressure over other environmental concerns so we know this can work for the whales. All we need to do is create a scandal and get a delay to make the crossing to Japan impossible.

    Japanese whalers plan to resume “scientific” whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary despite widespread opposition, and St. Kitts and Nevis votes in support of Japan’s “research” at the International Whaling Commission. If we take them out of the equation now we can strike a deadly blow to both Icelandic and Japanese whaling at the same time!

    Pressure has been mounting globally and nationally to stop the Icelandic whalers. This could be a turning point for the whales. Together we have the power to turn the International Whaling Commission into the International Whale Conservation Commission. And we can get started by stopping this year’s harpooning and this whale meat shipment! Sign the urgent petition now:

    We know our voices work! Following our 1 million strong petition in 2013, the Dutch government blocked Iceland’s whale meat shipments docking in the Netherlands. And together with Greenpeace, our community managed to get fin whale meat sent back to Iceland from Germany. Since then major shipping companies announced they would never ship whale meat again. We’re making it harder and harder for this industry to make a profit. Let’s shut it down for good!

    With hope,

    Lisa, Danny, Alice, Ricken, Mel, Nick, Rewan and the whole Avaaz team


    Iceland sends shipment of 1,700 tonnes of whale meat to Japan (The Guardian)

    Desperate whalers go north (Greenpeace)

    The Winter Bay (Vessel Fider – shows where the ship carrying the whale meat is and which country is registering it)

    Japan to resume whaling hunt despite IWC warning (AFP)


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