Myanmar marine wildlife discoveries

This video from the New York Times in the USA is about Myanmar’s Myeik Archipelago. The video seems eager to promote “development” of the islands, without mentioning that some forms of development are not sustainable and damage the environment.

From Wildlife Extra:

Myanmar’s Myeik Archipelago is bursting with life

Myanmar’s Myeik Archipelago is teeming with an astonishing variety of sea life, scientists on a marine research expedition have found.

In just 11 days, the team recorded over 700 coral, invertebrate and fish species, including a number of unidentified specimens that may prove new to science.

These survey results build on a concentrated survey effort by a Fauna & Flora International (FFI) team of newly-trained Burmese divers who have been based in the Myeik Archipelago for more than nine months. Data from these surveys have highlighted coral reef areas with staggering hard coral cover.

“Previous surveys of the southern end of the archipelago, which had shown extensive damage from fishing activity, were extremely concerning since Myeik Archipelago is thought to play an important role in replenishing coral reefs throughout the region,” said Sophie Benbow, Asia-Pacific marine programme manager at FFI, who joined this latest expedition.

“With Myeik proposed as a potential World Heritage Site, we wanted to get a clearer picture of what the situation was on the outer reefs, where human impacts were likely to be less severe. What we found was a seascape bursting with life.”

“One unexpected observation was the abundance of corals surviving in very murky water around the inshore islands,” said Zau Lunn, FFI’s marine coordinator in Myanmar. (This is unusual for corals which generally rely on clear waters that allow sunlight to penetrate so that the zooxanthellae can photosynthesise.)

“This finding excited the team and these reefs were among the most species-rich we visited on the expedition,” he added.

The Myeik Archipelago is located in Myanmar’s far south and consists of over 800 islands. It is part of the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem, upon which over 400 million people depend for food, livelihoods and security.

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