Burger King contaminated food scandal in Germany

This is a German TV video about investigative journalist Günter Wallraff and his discoveries of scandals at Burger King.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands, today:

At Burger King branches in Germany sales have collapsed after revelations about abuses. “We are being hit hard,” says the director of Burger King Germany against the newspaper Bild.

Reporters of the RTL TV program Team Wallraff showed last week unsanitary conditions at Burger King. Their revelations included showing how an employee who had cleaned toilets proceeded to bake hamburgers with bare hands. In the kitchen gut bacteria were found. Also, working conditions and employment contracts left much to be desired.

No appetite

Burger King closed some branches to set things right. Meanwhile, all the restaurants are open again, but many Germans evidently do not feel like having a Whopper or a cheeseburger. “We really are losing sales,” said [Burger King] Germany boss Bork.

BK BACKLASH? “Burger King is getting whopped over its plan to avoid U.S. taxes by fleeing to Canada. People flooded the fast-food chain’s Facebook page on Monday with threats of a boycott after the company announced talks to merge with Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons. The combined company would be headquartered in Canada.” [HuffPost]

‘Finding ‘brains’ in your KFC is a lot more common than you think: here.

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