Parakeets, motmots and waders in Costa Rica

Orange-chinned parakeets, 23 March 2013

Still after early in the morning of 23 March 2014, in Guanacaste province in Costa Rica. Along the road to the Pacific Ocean coast, these small orange-chinned parakeets.

Earlier, we had already seen a scissor-tailed flycatcher on a tree.

Turquoise-browed motmot, 23 March 2014

A bit later than the parakeets, a turquoise-browed motmot couple.

8:50. We arrive at salt pans near the sea, near Colorado village.

Semipalmated sandpipers, with a western sandpiper, 23 March 2014

Many waders are present. Including western sandpipers. They have migrated here for winter from their nesting grounds in Alaska. They have relatively long bills. Semipalmated sandpipers, present here as well; they are the majority on the photo. They have shorter bills. They nest not only in Alaska, but in Arctic Canada as well.

A whimbrel.

A lesser yellowlegs.

Many grey plovers in the salt pan to the right.

A short-billed dowitcher in “our” pan.

Black-necked stilts, 23 March 2014

And black-necked stilts.

Marbled godwit between willets, 23 March 2014

In the next pan to the right, a few marbled godwits among a flock of willets.

Least sandpiper, 23 March 2014

To the left, a lone least sandpiper.

Magnificent frigatebirds fly overhead.

Lesser yellowlegs and black-necked stilt, 23 March 2014

A black-necked stilt group with a willet and a lesser yellowlegs between them.

We continue to the Colorado harbour.

White-fronted parrot, 23 March 2014

White-fronted parrots on mangrove trees. They are not shy. Maybe half-tame?

Laughing gulls swim in the ocean.

Turnstones sit on mangrove branches.

A royal tern sits at the end of the jetty, along with a neotropic cormorant.

A snowy egret flying.

Magnificent frigatebird, 23 March 2014

More magnificent frigatebirds flying.

White ibises,  23 March 2014

White ibises on mangrove branches.

We go back.

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  13. Hoi Nico,
    Een vraag over een voor mij onbekende strandloper. De foto heb ik
    onlangs genomen in Costa Rica aan de kant van de Pacific Ocean. Ik
    dacht aan een Mongoolse plevier. Heb jij een idee?m.vr.g.

    Nico: ziet eruit alsā€¦zilverplevier!


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