Owls, crocodiles and wren in Costa Rica

Pacific screech owl, 23 March 2014

23 March 2014. After the shorebirds of the Guanacaste Pacific coast in Costa Rica, we arrived back. At 12:50, the Pacific screech owl family, two parents and three youngsters, turned out to be still present.

Pacific screech owls, 23 March 2014

Pacific screech owls, Costa Rica, 23 March 2014

Not all goes well for birds in Costa Rica, a bird guide born in Dallas, Texas, tells us. There are far less warblers and other migratory birds from North America now than decades ago.

We depart. From the dry part of Costa Rica we go south, to a more rainy area.

A great-tailed grackle on a lamppost near a supermarket.

14:55: near Caldera, royal terns on estuary sandbanks.

Laughing gulls. Marbled godwits.

White-winged dove, 23 March 2014

A white-winged dove.

Brown pelicans, 23 March 2014

Brown pelicans flying.

American crocodile, 23 March 2014

Miles later, we pass the bridge over the Tarcoles river. Quite some American crocodiles on the banks, and in the water.

We arrive near Carara National Park.

This video is called Carara National Park Costa Rica.

This is a special area. The northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is dry. While southern Pacific Costa Rica has rainforests.

In Carara National Park, both environments meet, making for much biodiversity.

A clay-coloured thrush sings.

House wren, 23 March 2014

A house wren just three meter away on the lawn.

Leaf-cutter ants‘ highways cut through the grass surface.

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