Refugees from Afghan, Syrian wars ill-treated in Bulgaria

This video is called Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 4): Civilian Casualties.

Translated from NOS radio in the Netherlands:

Bulgaria ill-treats refugees’

Tuesday 29 Apr 2014, 09:14 (Update: 29-04-14, 09:54)

Bulgaria ill-treats refugees who have entered the country. This writes Human Rights Watch in a report (pdf) on the reception of refugees in the country. Conditions in detention centers in Bulgaria are often deplorable, says the human rights organization.

Eg, refugees are bitten by aggressive dogs and children are imprisoned between adults.

“Bulgaria now closes its borders to refugees, which according to international agreements is not allowed,” said director Anna Carpenter of Human Rights Watch in the Netherlands to NOS Radio 1 News.


Refugees come mainly from the Turkish border into the country. Most refugees come from Syria and Afghanistan. According to Human Rights Watch, they are, after entering Bulgaria, beaten up by the police, put in cars and driven back to the Turkish border.

How the UK is helping to feed the flames of war in Syria. Covert US and British support for Syrian rebels has continued, despite overwhelming public opposition: here.

FRENCH police used bulldozers to chase over 650 Syrian, Afghan and African migrants from their camps in port city Calais today — destroying homes as they went: here.

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