Berlin nazi march stopped

This music video from a British punk rock band says about itself:

Angelic Upstarts (UK) performing “Anti Nazi” (live at Punk & Disorderly Festival in Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus 11.04.2014).

The lyrics of this song are here.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Berliners stop neo-Nazi march

Saturday 26 May 2014, 17:02 (Update: 26-04-14, 17:21)

In Berlin, thousands of people have prevented a march of neo-Nazis in the Kreuzberg district.

A district where many immigrant workers live.

They closed the quarter hermetically, and the approximately one hundred members of the right-wing extremist NPD party had to turn back.

At least 2000 mostly young protesters blocked the entrance to Kreuzberg with a sit-in. The organization, “Berlin nazi free“, also wants to stop a planned neo-Nazi march on May 1 this way.

See also here. And here.

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8 thoughts on “Berlin nazi march stopped

  1. Monday 28th April 2014

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

    Far-right marchers in Brighton are welcomed to the city with fistfuls of horse manure as hundreds of anti-fascists stage a counter-demonstration

    Far-right marchers in Brighton were welcomed to the city yesterday with fistfuls of horse manure as hundreds of anti-fascists staged a counter-demonstration.

    Around 600 anti-fascists completely overwhelmed a mixture of about 100 National Front, BNP and EDL supporters taking part in their annual March For England, which has been held in Brighton for the last six years.

    A large police presence kettled both demonstrations during the march, which began at 12.30pm from Middle Street and led along the seafront to Pool Valley.

    Many roads leading up to the station were protected by a ring of steel in anticipation of trouble.

    In an attempt to get the message across that they are not welcome some anti-fascists scooped up manure left by police horses to chuck at the racist demonstration.

    “They got what they deserved,” said Unite Against Fascism’s joint secretary Weyman Bennett.

    He told the Star: “It was a great mobilisation for anti-fascists and the fascists were greatly outnumbered.

    “Racists have got no right to strut their stuff on the streets of Britain.”

    Meanwhile anti-fascists were out in force in Cardiff after discovering an 11th hour attempt to demonstrate in the Welsh capital by the National Front.

    Activists, who brandished a banner stating “Don’t let racists divide us” and were joined by the Cardiff Reds Choir, heralded their counter-demonstration as a victory after fascists failed to turn up.

    “Cardiff is a tolerant, diverse and multicultural city. It’s important that we all stand together to oppose and stop fascists,” said PCS acting Welsh secretary Darren Williams.


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