British opposition to military spending

This video from Britain says about itself:

Global Day of Action on Military Spending 2013 – Scrap Trident, Faslane, 15 April

Scotland and the UK have had nuclear weapons for 50 years. The UK government want to replace these weapons at a cost of £100billion. Meanwhile, at the same time as their spending cuts are destroying the safety net for society’s most vulnerable people, the government is pouring millions into the arms trade.

The UK government spends more money buying arms from BAE Systems alone than it does on tackling climate change- equivalent to £64 a year for every adult and child in the UK.

Given the numerous crises facing the planet — economic, environmental, health, diplomatic — it is imperative that we create a global movement to shift this money to human needs. We know that there are thousands of organizations and millions of individuals who support this point of view — what is needed is to begin a serious mobilising effort to make it visible.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Peace activists mobilise to fight military spending

Tuesday 15th April 2014

London, Coventry, Glasgow and many other cities host activities on a global day of action

Peace campaigners across Britain and around the world mobilised yesterday for a global day of action against military spending.

Vigils, protests, stalls and other actions took place in towns and cities including Coventry, Bristol, Glasgow, Reading, Leeds, Liverpool, Oxford and Newbiggin.

Activists in London targeted the Foreign Office, Ministry of Defence, Department of Health and Department of Energy and Climate Change with protests.

Speakers from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), health campaigners Medact, War on Want, Scientists for Global Responsibility and Catholic peace movement Pax Christi spoke at events in London.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson said: “While the British public are living through the deepest spending cuts in recent history the government still sees fit to waste over £100 billion on a cold war weapons system and to spend £38bn on the military this year alone.

She said the day of action was “a vital challenge to the skewed priorities of this government and governments around the world who choose weapons of war over the welfare of their people.”

The coalition — as with its Labour predecessor — plans to spend £100bn to replace Trident nuclear weapons.

Britain is the sixth-largest military spender in the world, even before the Trident project starts.

Activists reported positive responses from the public across Britain.

“When you talk to them, people say that spending £100bn on nuclear weapons is ridiculous at a time when there are all these cuts in funding for public services such as health and education,” said Yorkshire CND chairman Dave Webb, who helped run a stall in Leeds’s Dortmund Square.

“People cannot understand why the government thinks this is necessary.”

UK military operations since cold war have cost £34bn, says study: here.

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9 thoughts on “British opposition to military spending

  1. This type of government is a bad example globally, they have to go, as their culture is beyond redemption, when those who are some of the most vulnerable have to pay the bedroom tax and this government with impunity without conscience support the machinery of war to be directed often and in the main the innocent, it is long past the time when each individual, have to look beyond the indulgence of “me”, the revaluation of who and what politicians really are? behind the mask.


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