35 thoughts on “Saudi Arabian monarchy, world’s fourth biggest military spender

  1. GERMANY: The government will not approve a reported deal to sell up to 800 tanks to Saudi Arabia, a German newspaper said yesterday.

    The sale of the Leopard-2 tanks had been billed as one of the biggest deals for the German armaments industry, Bild reported.

    But Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, a Social Democrat member of the left-right “grand coalition,” has “positioned himself against the tanks’ delivery to the autocratic royal house,” it said.


  2. The military expenditure of 1.05 trillion dollars annually, what a waste, this is not accounting for the cost of damage as a result of military action, centrally, one would think this is a expenditure that a small group of people profit from, the majority of people would be against this expenditure even if not for humanity grounds but the payment of taxation for this indulgence.

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