Costa Rica mountain hummingbirds

This video from Costa Rica is about Juan Castro Blanco National Park. It gives an idea of especially the plant life of the mountainous area around Bosque de Paz where we arrived in the afternoon of 17 March 2014, after the great potoo and red-winged blackbirds of earlier that day.

Feeders around Bosque de Paz attracted many hummingbirds.

Violet sabrewing male, 17 March 2014

These included violet sabrewings; like the male on the photo.

Green-crowned brilliant male, Costa Rica, 17 March 2014

And green-crowned brilliants. The photo shows a male.

Green-crowned brilliant female, in Costa Rica, 17 March 2014

And this photo shows a female.

Green hermit female, 17 March 2014

And green hermits. On the photos, females.

Green hermit female, on 17 March 2014

Green hermit female, Costa Rica, on 17 March 2014

And purple-throated mountain gems. This species lives only in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

And stripe-tailed hummingbirds.

Scintillant hummingbird male, 17 March 2014

A male scintillant hummingbird on a branch. One of the smallest hummingbird species.

Magnificent hummingbird female, 17 March 2014

This photo shows a female magnificent hummingbird.

A list of Bosque de Paz bird species is here.

More Bosque de Paz birdlife and other wildlife to come on this blog. Stay tuned!

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10 thoughts on “Costa Rica mountain hummingbirds

    • Yes, indeed, on the second and third photos from the top of this blog post, hummingbirds sit; on feeders. On the second photo from the bottom, a hummingbird sits on a branch. On the photo at the bottom, a hummingbird sits on a wire.

      Some hummingbird species have stronger feet than others; so, they spend more time sitting: on feeders, on branches waiting for their turn at feeders or flowers, or resting.


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