47 thoughts on “French Prime Minister Valls kowtows to racists, bankers

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  2. How strange that J.P.Morgan, an American bank should be calling for Authoritarian Regimes in Europe to further social cuts and support austerity measures. To say Local Government spending should be cut and suborned to Central Government and Banks is ludicrous. The banks have shown themselves to be a poor example of austerity measures and I wonder if they’ll lead the way with cuts to earnings and bonuses of senior banking figures.
    The austerity measures in the U.S are not working and have caused tremendous hardship.
    The rumours of groups of Masonic type Societies wanting to rule the world are almost being borne out by Banks like this and companies like Monsanto. The world cannot be run as a business.
    It’s time manufacturing was returned from overseas to it’s home bases to rid ourselves of such high unemployment and provide some stability for the people. If people overseas don’t want to buy the product then imports can be cut so that the home market buys it. More income means more taxes from the Governments and once they get immigration under control and the benefits paid to immigrants are cut then maybe there will be less of a need for austerity measures against the vulnerable in society.
    It will be heaven help us if all the European Countries end up with right wing Governments and America runs them through it’s banks.


    • Hi, the anti-democratic ideas in JPMorgan Chase, Monsanto etc. are based on their wanting to maximize profits, and have extremely little to nothing to do with freemasonry.


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  7. French Prime Minister demands striking ferry workers end their strike

    Prime Minister Manuel Valls has demanded that workers at the France-Corsica ferry operator SNCM end their strike and accept the restructuring of the company.

    SNCM employees have been on strike since June 24. The company, which operates ferries between France and North Africa, is threatened with bankruptcy.

    Valls said, “There needs to be a court-ordered restructuring, because this company is sinking, and in fact the days of strike that accumulate are only putting it more into trouble.” But workers oppose the plan, which will involve the layoff of some 500 employees and changes to existing working conditions



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