English anti-fascists against nazi march plans

This video from Britain says about itself:

Many English Defence League (EDL) supporters have extreme views, and many have shown to support Nazism. Here is a compilation showing EDL supporters giving the Nazi salute.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Yorkshire anti-fascist network mobilizes against EDL march in Rotherham

Tuesday 8th April 2014

Sheffield-based group fights back against rising tide of far-right demonstrations and attacks on Muslims, immigrants and the left

Anti-fascists in South Yorkshire are mobilising to oppose a visit by the fascist English Defence League (EDL) in May.

The dwindling far-right street group plans to descend on Rotherham on Saturday May 10.

But Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network is readying a counter-demonstration.

The group said: “The last few years have seen a wave of demonstrations by far right groups, as well as an increase in attacks on Muslims.

“The new fascists primarily target Muslims but also expand their hatred to anyone who isn’t white, to immigrants, the left and trade unions.

“Their supporters have gone on the rampage and violently attacked Asian-owned businesses, students demonstrating against tuition fees and have been convicted of arson attacks on mosques.”

The EDL has carried out a number of assaults in South Yorkshire, including an attack on a Muslim stall and assaults on anti-fascists.

For more information on the counter-demonstration visit Twitter @SheffieldAFN or email sheffieldafn@riseup.net.

18 thoughts on “English anti-fascists against nazi march plans

  1. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    Please read this. History must not be allowed to repeat itself. This is way to familiar. These pictures could be from WWII, but they aren’t. They are from the present. These people want to destroy governments including America. Hugs, Barbara


  2. Even more worrying is the potential for increasing the power base of one Nigel Farage leader of the UKIP. Racist, Homophobic, Protectionist, Anti-Immingrant (for any and all reasons), Anti-Europe, Anti-Working Women, Right Wing twat! Yet at the forthcoming European elections he will do very well indeed as the public have been seduced – there you have the true potential for history to repeat itself. Worrying times.


  3. My son (who is not white, and looks distinctly Middle Eastern at a glance) lives in the UK, and this growing tide of fascism is worrying. However, these groups have always been around. While walking with my husband in east London, we used to get quite nervous sometimes when we saw the National Front guys selling their newspapers. But European elections are very different to national elections in the UK – results are always different. Nevertheless, Europe in general has moved to the right, and the immigration issue is what seems to unite people. There is and always has been anti-Semitism in Europe (the tragic incident at a Jewish school in France is but one example). So it is not only Muslims who are at risk.


  4. Given that there are still people alive who lived through WWII and fought against these Nazi’s I’m surprised that groups like the EDL aren’t outlawed. They are an affront to all decent people
    I have a certain sympathy for the anti-immigration groups as this Island is starting to burst at the seams and the level of benefits required is astronomical. But, we do need diversity so it would be better if new immigrants were allowed only if they were genuine refugees or were self supporting for a minimum period. No more quotas set by the EU. I personally would like to leave the EU and it’s policies and strike up trading alliances again like the Commonwealth, though I’m not sure it would solve all the problems this country has now.


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