British Princess Anne advocates gassing badgers and slaughtering horses

This video from Britain is called Down At The Badger Sett.

By Ryan Fletcher in Britain:

Badger cull: Princess Anne calls for ‘humane’ gas death instead of shooting

Saturday 5th April 2014

As ministers abandon cruel massacre, Princess Royal holds forth on badgers and horse meat

Princess Anne called yesterday for badgers to be treated in a “much nicer” way — by gassing instead of shooting them.

Ms Mountbatten-Windsor claimed that it would be much more humane than pilot shooting culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

But experts said that it would be difficult to get gas levels high enough in badger setts.

“It’s tempting to think it might be easier to kill badgers when they’re basically a sitting target underground but it turns out from reports done in the 1970s that it’s not just that straightforward,” said Professor Rosie Woodroffe, who ran a landmark cull trial from 1998 to 2006.

Ministers this week abandoned plans for a national cull after an independent report said shoots were not effective or humane.

Prof Woodroffe also called for the end of the trial culls.

“The pilot culls performed so poorly in effectiveness and humaneness, I would stop and invest in something more promising,” she said.

Former horse-riding champion Ms Mountbatten-Windsor also suggested that poor horse owners should sell their animals for meat because it would add value to them, as well as hinting that Britons should get over their distaste for the animal[‘s meat].

“I think that it’s something that is worth looking at,” she said, noting that horse meat tastes “very good actually.”

This video is called Inside Story – Horsemeat scandal: Who is to be blamed?

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12 thoughts on “British Princess Anne advocates gassing badgers and slaughtering horses

  1. Yes I did some chuntering of my own at the TV when I heard her statements too… There has been no evidence gathered that the cull on badgers has been successful. They didn’t even see if those they were culling Had bovine TB , Its beyond belief what she has said!… And abhorrent that the cull went ahead in the first place..

    I came by your Blog via Dr Rex reblog.. Keep up your good work Kitty
    Blessings Sue


  2. Some still dream on to have the horse that wins and the status rewards, not only is horse racing a cruel sport in injuries to horses and jockeys, the fate of a racing horse frequently ends at the abattoir, as the horse no longer contributes the passing whims of the primeval exhilaration of the crowd voyeurs of the race culminating into the hope of a pay out, pity we have not developed a pill that sets off the adrenaline juices compensating as a alternative thrill avoiding the negative aspects of the race.


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